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The mentors mission is to guide you towards the connection you already have within yourself.  They provide support in a broad range of areas including but not limited to, career, relationships, life path development, body image, self-esteem and confidence levels, anxious and depressive tendencies, childhood programming and emotional blockages, and inner child healing. Together, you evaluate the ways in which you're currently relating to your mind, body, and spirit, and bring light to the parts of you that are preventing you from experiencing the fullest expression of yourself. They combine the psychological components of self-discovery tools with the spiritual philosophy principles of meditation, energy healing, yoga to create a wellness plan. Mentors help you find practices to incorporate into your every day life that'll support your self-development and overall wellness needs.

Our philosophy is always that the individual knows what is best for them to succeed; Mentors simply guide the individual towards their highest self.  ​Mentors incorporate a broad range of foundational mind-body-spirit tools including but not limited too, yoga, meditation, Reiki, intuitive & energetic guidance, self-development ceremonies & journaling in order to transform the individual's life. Mentors role is to offer you a space and plan to heal at the deepest level. All our mentors are actively doing the work on their healing journey and have applied these tools in their own life. Mentors dive deep into their dark parts and shed light to create healing and self-awareness.

Lux Nova, offers individualized virtual or in-person 1-on-1 sessions with your mentor, membership plans that fit your budget and your needs, and self-paced programs all in one place. 

Prices vary based on the individual needs - 15 minute phone consultations help determine what options are best for you!




Come prepared with what you want to work on with the mentors! Whether it be short or long term goals for self-care, wellness, relationships, career or self-development. Come with questions about the process and how you want your mentor to best guide you. After your consultation, mentors will curate a wellness protocol for you, think of this as a template for your healing journey that will be adjusted throughout your time with your mentor - we ask for a week to get this all set up for you. 

If you just want to focus on a specific area like psychic guidance, energy healing, self-development, tea ceremony, yoga etc. - no problem! It is our philosophy that you know what is best for your healing journey. Mentors are flexible and will provide you with any healing modality that is in their tool box.

We always recommend bringing a journal, your schedule to book your first psychospiritual mentorship session, and an open mind and heart! 


Every session will be uniquely tailored to what it is you want to work on that day. Your very first session after your consultation, your mentor will review the wellness protocol they created for you and will ask for feedback as well as anything you'd like to add. Mentors will guide you through the protocol but feel free to adjust it at any point throughout your time together!

Some sessions you will be doing a lot of talking - usually the first few are this way so the mentor gets to know you best. Other sessions there may be lots of healing work occurring, in which meditation, yoga, breathing techniques, energetic healing or psychic mediumship is occurring! The sky is the limit to what may occur in a session. 

Mentors will only provide you with techniques that you are comfortable with, we just ask that you are open to pushing past your comfort zone (this is where real growth occurs). 


Yes! Currently only offered in the Southwest Florida region. Feel free to contact us for more information to see if we are in your area or book a consultation online.


Yes! We offer group sessions for couples, families, and any group looking to do healing work together. 

We will be offering online workshops and in-person workshops periodically - keep an eye out for them so you can register!