Psychospiritual Mentorship Offerings

  • Self-development & Insight Coaching/Processing Sessions

  •  Energetic/Reiki Healing

  • Yoga & Breath Guidance

  • Tea Ceremony (in-person only)

  • Psychic & Mediumship Guidance

  • Intuitive Guidance & Mastery

  • Meditation & Mindfulness Guidance

I was trained as a traditional doctor of clinical psychology, I continually found that talk therapy and psychology alone, were at best keeping my clients from healing at the root and the worst keeping people stuck in their trauma. It has always been my goal to incorporate a broad range of healing modalities because I have found that psychology alone does not capture the fullness of my passion for healing. Since having this awareness, I have branched out in a way that encompasses the energetic aspects of the individual. I began integrating an array of Eastern practices within my own healing journey and found significant improvements in my overall wellbeing, I began living a joyful and peaceful life. I wanted true healing for my clients and so I began studying meditation, yoga, energetic healing, and took certificate courses in an array of Eastern modalities. It has been a life-long goal of mine to integrate psychology and spirituality into a modality that truly heals. After receiving my yoga teacher training (200RYT), energetic and intuitive training Reiki Master Teacher, and Japanese Tea Ceremony, I combined the psychological self-awareness skills with the energetic and spiritual tools to facilitate healing and growth. Thus, how psychospiritual mentorship came about.

For me, psychospiritual mentorship is the embodiment of self-awareness and insight-based work utilized in psychology, coupled with energetic and spiritual healing tools, in which the individual and I collaborate by developing a wellness framework that will be utilized during their journey towards their highest growth and development.

As an integrative-holistic mentor, I view wellness from a whole person lens, where I tailor healing to fit all aspects of your being. I believe in the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit as being the foundation to overall wellness. Healing is a holistic and collaborative journey, in which all humans have the ability to be the highest versions of themselves. As your guide, I believe that you have all the answers within you and I find it an honor to have the opportunity to walk with you on your journey towards deeper growth and healing. It is my goal then, to empower you to find wholeness and healing within yourself.  Therefore, my goal is to utilize a broad range of psychospiritual practices within the mentor relationship so that the individual is able to be fully present in their life.

In-person sessions offered in Southwest Florida Region. Text for more information: 813-641-4463



Psychospiritual Mentorship Offerings

  • Psychic-Mediumship Guidance

  • Energetic/Reiki Healing 

  • Animal Communication

  • Intuitive Guidance & Mastery

  • Personal Training & Life Coaching

  • Akashic Record & Oracle Card Reading

  • Meditation Guidance


Your frequency is your most precious resource. Not time, not money, not status. Your frequency is the key to unlocking every single opportunity that you could ever dream of pursuing in your life. Raise your frequency by loving yourself, reminding yourself how worthy you are of everything you want, that you are the divine in human form, and connect with the frequency of your inner traumas and blockages to transmute and transform them into the light. Part of this process, requires you to rewrite your stories and programming that is holding you back and give yourself permission to BE who you came here to be. 

As a small child, Jennifer was an Empath and would take on the energy of those around her but never understood what was happening. Jennifer found herself with a life of suffering, pain, addictions, loss and heartache. After losing her 4th child (Amanda) her life changed. At that moment, she knew there was something bigger than her guiding her and that she no longer needed to be the victim. She took responsibility of her life, by recognizing the gift that deep suffering creates within our energy body. She learned how to work with her intuitive gifts and began to use her darkness and transform it into light. Her WHY was strong she wanted to be the light for her 4 boys and others. She wanted to lead others out of their darkness and into the light. She began developing her psychic abilities and healing her energetic body by raising the vibration for herself.

Over the last two decades, Jennifer has helped others connect with their inner truth and heal through her skill set of psychic mediumship, energetic healing, psychospiritual mentorship, and coaching. She has helped those heal at the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical bodies through the use of different healing modalities. She is trained in an array of mind-body-spirit tools including, Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Life/Wellness Coach, Certified Personal Trainer and psychic-intuitive medium development. She offers psychic/mediumship readings, Reiki healing and psychospiritual mentorship, Akashic records readings and animal communication reading. Animals are connected to the frequency and energy around us. They have a purpose too and are here to help us heal. When learning the purpose of our animals, we can begin to heal the family unit. Jennifer connects with animals to help their owners and families creating healing.

Jennifer is a co-creator of Lux Nova and develops intuitive-based self-discovery courses to help raise the vibration and help clients shine their light that has been buried inside. By working with Jennifer be prepared to change your life, by understanding, transmuting and transforming your frequency. 

Offers in-person sessions at Mystical Moon of Bonita Springs & Fort Myers, FL



Do you dive deep into your unconscious trauma & love meditating?

Do you do work on yourself and find connecting with others on this spiritual journey to be rewarding?

Are you in healing arts or psychology and love helping people on their healing journey? 

Do you want flexible hours and your own work schedule? 

Come join our team if any or all of this applies to you!

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